3 Reasons Why We Need Immigration Law

It is the movement of people into a country. People could be moving into a country because they are looking to take up residence there, or because they are tourists on vacation.

What is immigration law?

Immigration law is the body of law that governs immigration in a particular country. Immigration law deals with citizens of a country who are returning from a stay abroad, and foreign nationals who are looking to enter the country. There are different laws for each of these categories.

Why do we need immigration law?

Here are three reasons why immigration law is helpful-

  • Terror Alerts

    In the present age, we have seen higher rates of acts of terrorism across the world. Immigration laws help us to keep an eye out for terror alerts, where these acts may take place, and if the people who have committed these crimes are entering a particular country. It helps to catch purported terrorists who may be trying to flee from their crime as well. The Immigration and Nationality Act came into effect in the United States of America in 1952, although it has been modified since. The safety of the residents of a country is paramount and acts like these that fall under immigration law help maintain that.

  • Check on Crime

    With crime and criminal activities taking place all over the world, different countries have different laws that can be used to try their citizens. These laws help determine whether a criminal is a citizen of the country and whether they can be tried under the nation’s laws. It also looks at people who have entered the country illegally, and whether their stay in the country is legally permitted. This is important for people who are coming from declared war zones or places of conflict. In an age of travel, it helps to determine the country whose laws must be used to look at crimes committed in the air, or at sea.

  • Control the Spread of Diseases

    Diseases and illnesses can often be location-specific. They can be found in particular places because of environments, diets, or the lifestyles of people. With immigration laws, it is possible to keep a track of where people are traveling. It can help diagnose any diseases they might have gotten due to travel. It can also help control the spread of diseases across the world. Today with our global pandemic, it is very important to know where the virus could be spreading from.

Having a basic understanding of immigration law is helpful. It helps you become aware of the laws that apply to you when you leave and enter the country, whether you have any rights as a foreigner in another country, and what rights you possess as a citizen of your own country. However, if you are looking for a deeper understanding of how immigration laws are implemented it is always useful to contact an immigration lawyer. They are experts in the field, who will be able to identify what particular laws are relevant to your case, and the subtle nuances of these.