Assisting the Elderly: What You Need to Know About Elder Law?

Did you know that there is a particular type of lawyer whose main function is to assist the elderly? Not many people know this!

When you think of a lawyer, you usually think of a suit-clad person who works with litigation, corporate law, or even human rights law.

What is elder law?

Elder law covers different areas of law that affect people who are older or elderly. It also looks at issues concerning the people who take care of the elderly, and their relatives and family. It relates to their health, property, and finances.

What does an elder law lawyer do?

Elder law lawyers are those who provide legal help to the elderly for any unique issue they may be facing. This could be in terms of legal matters relating to their health, financials, mental and physical difficulties that come with aging, etc.

What are some situations where an elder law lawyer is useful?

Elder law lawyers help out the elderly in a wide umbrella of matters. Here are a few:

  • Elder Financial Abuse:

    With old age often comes a diminished mental capacity. Some people take advantage of this to manipulate and coerce elders for their own financial gain. Sometimes these financial predators are also members of the elder’s family or their caretakers. Elder law helps protect the elder’s financial assets and makes sure that their property goes to the people or entities they want it to go to.

  • Nursing Home Abuse:

    Nursing homes are places that are supposed to care for the elderly. Sometimes, they fail to do so by hiring less staff or lower quality amenities. This means that the standard of care given to the elderly is not up to the mark. Elder law provides recourse against this to stop the homes from taking advantage of the elder wards, and to compensate the elder for any injuries they may have suffered.

  • Conservatorships:

    If an elderly person is unable to make reasonable decisions relating to their financials and healthcare, then they can legally appoint someone to make these decisions for them. This law provides a solution to help an elder who is unable to protect themselves.

  • Estate Planning:

    Elder law gives elders the ability to plan their estate. This means that they can find assistance in writing their wills and appointing the people in charge of their financial and healthcare decisions. If an elder can properly plan their estates, they will not need to appoint a conservatorship. The documents that will be prepared through estate planning will give the elder all the recourse they need for their affairs to be carried out.

These are only a few areas where hiring an elder law lawyer can help. These areas also have sub-fields that have their own particular applications. It is a good idea to consult an elder law lawyer if you or an elder you may know needs to plan their estate and secure their assets.