Avoid these 4 Mistakes When Filing a Personal Injury Case

Being a personal injury victim, you might know what to do in a personal injury case. But knowing what not to do is as crucial as knowing what to do in a personal injury case. Many victims have committed such mistakes and ended up being on the losing side of the judgment.

So, every victim or the related party must know what mistakes they should not make to get the best result possible in their favor. In this post, we will discuss some mistakes not to commit as a victim or the accused in a personal injury case.

Giving false details about the case

Getting caught lying about the details with the insurance company can make it impossible for you to win the case. Insurance adjusters have prowess in catching these lies of the victim. You are bound to get compensation if you have been a victim of an auto accident. So, make sure to speak the truth and keep it simple while discussing the case with the insurance provider and GF Personal Injury attorney.

Downplaying the surveillance by the insurance company

The insurance company has one motive in any auto accident case: to prove that the victim deserves or needs compensation. The person who has filed a lawsuit against the insurance company is kept under surveillance by the company. It is done to collect evidence and prove that the plaintiff does need any compensation.

For example, if the plaintiff has incurred a severe leg injury in an auto car accident and claims they will not walk without a walking stick. The insurance company will leave no stone unturned to prove that you can walk without assistance from a cane. They might do it by clicking your pictures of walking without the cane. If they manage to get evidence against your claim, you might peril your chance of winning the case. So, always appreciate the insurance company’s surveillance, especially if the compensation amount is big.

Posting on the social media platforms

The defense attorney and the insurance company also keep an eye on the plaintiff’s social media activity, like websites, social media platforms, and blogs. If the plaintiff is active on these platforms, the defense party might use it against them. If you cannot stop posting during the case, then discussing this with your GF Personal Injury attorney is recommended. They will give proper guidance about what to post, so your case is protected.

Discussing the case with a third party 

Sometimes defense lawyer or insurance adjuster tries to contact the plaintiff and discuss the case, but be vigilant and talk little about it with them. Maintaining confidentiality at this time is very crucial. Otherwise, any small mistake can lead you to an adverse situation.

Final thoughts Always consult your GF Personal Injury lawyer before taking any step related to your case. Be vigilant at this time for better results, and never make the above mistakes. At Autrey Law Firm, we have dedicated lawyers to assist your defense.