Common RoadBlocks in a Personal Injury Lawsuit!

When you suffer a personal injury because of someone’s recklessness, you are eligible for compensation from the individual responsible for the accident. However, claiming compensation is not easy because the defendant in the case will try different methods to avoid paying it or reducing the amount to be paid.

Some of the ways in which a defendant may try to defend his case are by denying his responsibility for the injury, blaming the plaintiff for the injury claiming that it was his carelessness that caused the injury, etc.

The plaintiff in the case needs evidence and witnesses to support his case so that he can get the required compensation. Hiring a personal injury lawyer offers several benefits in such cases.

Here are some common roadblocks you may face in claiming compensation in a personal injury lawsuit:

  • Delays:

    Insurance companies that have to pay the compensation usually try to delay the trial of personal injury lawsuits by using different strategies. One of the delaying tactics used commonly is asking the plaintiff for more information to support his case.

  • Dismissal of Case:

    Another popular strategy used by insurance companies in personal injury lawsuits is asking for the dismissal of the case. They generally file several motions to dismiss the case even before the start of the discovery process. Even if the case does not get dismissed, it definitely gets delayed because of repeated requests for dismissal.

  • Offering Inadequate Settlement:

    Insurance companies offer an out-of-court settlement. They try to convince the plaintiff that a court trial will waste their time, or that their case is weak and they will hardly get any compensation, etc. They will make a low offer to the plaintiff and try to convince him that this is the best they can get.

  • Court Trial:

    In the case of a court trial, the defendant’s attorney will try to prove that your case is not valid and that the defendant is not responsible for the injury in any way. They will question the claim you make and try to dilute your case with their defense.

The best way to overcome these roadblocks is to hire a personal injury lawyer who is well-experienced in representing clients in similar types of personal injury cases.

This is because personal injury lawyers can:

  • Estimate the exact amount to be claimed
  • Their experience in the field helps them understand the nuances of such cases
  • They are aware of all the documentation and evidence required to support their case
  • They are well-versed with the approach of insurance companies and know the best course of action
  • Personal injury lawyers are experienced negotiators and can negotiate with the opposing attorney or insurance company to get you the best compensation
  • They have the expertise in courtroom trials and provide you the best representation in the courtroom

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