Do you need a Lawyer for a Case of Personal Injury?

A free country requires every individual to have the freedom to enjoy their life without any hindrances of being hurt. Personal injury laws in the USA protect this Right by allowing the injured to seek compensation for damage done by any other person/s. Any injury to the body, mind, or emotions can legally be called “personal injury”. Any person suffering any harm due to any action/ inaction by another person can claim compensation by bringing a lawsuit against them.

Harm can be caused in many ways, due to many reasons. The law recognizes harm caused due to negligence, recklessness or reckless conduct, and even intentional misconduct. The other States also recognize personal injury on the grounds of strict liability. Any injury arising out of these acts gives way to the injured person to ask for damages. These damages are meant to cover expenses like the injured person’s medical bills, loss of wages due to injury, any mental anguish caused due to the pain and suffering of the injury, and the loss of quality of life.

In the United States, any bodily injury is often covered by liability insurance. Many companies take out insurance policies to protect their business and their employees from being held liable in case of any personal injury claims arising during doing business. Most often, insurance claims in personal injury cases can be complex, along with the reluctance of insurance policies to pay up, a lawyer is a must-have for such cases. In many instances, insurance companies refuse to make any fair settlement entirely. Having a lawyer negotiate these terms and deal with them, reduces efforts on your part, especially when already suffering through a personal injury.

Injuries that make lawyers help extremely important:

  1. Permanent injuries:

    If any injury, suffered due to the actions of another causes life-long repercussions or disabilities, significantly affecting your way of life; assistance from an experienced lawyer is a must.

  2. Grave injuries:

    since the amount of compensation one can receive is directly linked to the severity of the injuries, it is important that an experienced lawyer be present to make a strong case as to the severity of the injury. These injuries are measured by the amount spent on medical bills, the time is taken to recover, the type of injury, and the loss of income due to the incapacity to perform work. Having a lawyer handle this claim will help in ensuring that the compensation received is the highest possible for the injury suffered.

  3. Medical Malpractice:

    Professional fields have a defined standard of care that they must incorporate in providing their services. Services provided by doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners owe a duty of care to the patients under their supervision. If they act negligently or unprofessionally, patients have a right to seek compensation or damages due to the medical malpractice of such professionals.

No two injuries are the same and so legally also, they will not have the same outcomes. But broadly, the legal ingredients remain the same; being an injury to the plaintiff, determination of breach of a legal duty by the defendant, and settlement. But the first step is to engage a lawyer.

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