Documentation Required for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The claims made in a personal injury case need documentary evidence. The documents you present will be the most authentic support for your case and can determine the compensation you get in the case.

Although the documentation varies from case to case depending on the nature of the injury and the party responsible for the injury, here’s a list of some general documents that are necessary for filing any personal injury lawsuit:

  • Law Enforcement Reports:

    Any personal injury needs to be reported to law enforcement authorities such as the police, etc. These authorities will visit the scene where the injury took place and prepare a report. The report includes all details of the accident such as the evidence at the scene, witness information, etc. This report can help you as an authentic support document in a personal injury lawsuit. Besides, it can also provide leads for further investigation for more evidence.

  • Reports of the Incident:

    In addition to the reports made by the law enforcement authorities, there might be other reports of the accident. For instance, if the accident occurred at your workplace, your colleagues, etc. might have prepared a report. Such reports can add credibility to your claim.

  • Photographs:

    Photographic evidence is another critical piece of evidence in a personal injury case. Photos of the injury, the surroundings where the accident occurred, etc. For instance, if you have suffered an injury due to reckless driving of someone, photographs of the vehicle in question will support your case.

  • Medical Journal:

    This is a document you can prepare by yourself. A medical journal is made to indicate the impact of the injury on the individual’s life. In a medical journal, you can maintain a record of how you were affected by the injury, how you feel each day, your medical treatments, visits to the doctors, etc. This can be valuable data for representing you in a personal injury lawsuit because your personal account will indicate the extent of physical and emotional trauma you have experienced due to the injury.

  • Insurance Details:

    You must save all the correspondence you have had with your insurance company for recovery.

  • Bills:

    A personal injury lawsuit is filed to claim financial compensation. Therefore, you must keep a record of all expenses you have incurred due to the injury. This will include all your medical bills, insurance explanation, etc.

    In addition to these expenses, you can also claim for other expenses that arise due to the injury. For instance, if you had to hire someone to fulfill certain responsibilities you are unable to because of the injury, you can claim the amount you pay the individual working for you. You can also claim the fuel charges you bear for driving to a medical center for treatment of injury, etc.

  • Wage Loss Proofs:

    You can provide proof of the wages you may have lost due to your inability to work because of the injury. You can claim compensation for lost wages and earning capacity with supporting evidence.

A personal injury lawyer can help you collect all the necessary documents and represent you. Autrey Law Firm has expert personal injury lawyers to help you in all types of lawsuits.