How can you Work in North Dakota for 3 to 6 months?

If you are new in North Dakota and seeking a temporary employment opportunity, there is a legal process you need to follow. Maybe you are a tourist in North Dakota or have come to the state to stay for a few months. In that scenario, you may feel the necessity to work temporarily and earn some money during your stay in North Dakota. Although you are not a state citizen, you may receive an employment opportunity. However, you cannot get employment scope on the visitors’ visa, such as ESTA or B1/B2. 

To get a temporary job in North Dakota, one requires a proper visa to achieve employment opportunities for 3-6 months. According to the rules of North Dakota, a foreign individual cannot enter the state with a motive to work here temporarily. The visa waiver program or the B1/B2 visa does not permit a tourist to work in the state. Even if you can get the work without a proper visa, immigration can suspect you of working on a visitor visa. 

As a result, you may face penalties, and the government can bar you from entering the state in the future. Thus, to avoid such worse consequences, you need to understand what visas can allow you to work in North Dakota for 3-6 months. So, we have penned this article to discuss the visa types that permit you to work temporarily in North Dakota. 

Types of visa to work in North Dakota 

Let us check out the different visas that will allow you to work in North Dakota for 3 to 6 months.

·        H-2B visa to work in North Dakota for up to 10 months

If you are a visitor in North Dakota and seeking a temporary employment opportunity, the H-2B visa can help you get a non-agricultural job for up to 10 months. With the aid of an H-2B visa, one can get employment opportunities in technology, hospitality, construction, and resort industries seamlessly. The employment type you can get with the assistance of this visa is seasonal, intermittent, or peak load needs. If the employer of North Dakota files such needs to the Government, foreigners with H-2B visas can apply for a temporary job to work for 3-6 months. 

·        H-2A visa for getting a job with six month’s tenure

The H-2A visa allows foreigners from North Dakota to work in the agricultural sector for up to 6 months. If employers in the agricultural industry require temporary workers, this visa helps them fill vacant positions with short-term employment contracts. As temporary needs lead employers to hire foreign employees based on this visa, the employer can file the petition up to 3 times to fill the vacant position if the workers return to their home country. 

·        J-1 visa for the scholars

Through a J-1 Cultural Exchange visa, an individual can get a temporary job as a research assistant, Professor, Scholar, Teacher, Camp counselor, Au Pair, and Specialist. 

End Verdict In a nutshell, a foreigner can get temporary employment opportunities in North Dakota with the aid of the above visas. However, state employers should file petitions to hire foreign employees on a short-term basis.