How to Cross-check if Your Personal Injury Lawyer is doing his Best?

The choice to register a personal injury claim and the choice to engage a personal injury lawyer are frequently linked. It’s the same with accountants, electricians, and other professions as it is with lawyers: if you employ someone to do something you can’t (or, more importantly, something you’re not qualified to do), you might worry if they’re doing a decent job. You’ve entrusted your funds, your house, or your legal case to a skilled expert, yet you typically have no means of judging their skill level or the outcomes of their job.

On the subject of a personal injury claim, you’re likely to know very little about how these cases usually go down, including what the best approach is at any given point and what sort of settlement you may expect. Isn’t that why you hired a lawyer?

What is the lawyer’s reputation?

Apart from what is or is not being done on your case, the first thing to consider is whether or not this lawyer has a successful track record. If your lawyer comes highly recommended and has a strong web reputation (read more about choosing the proper personal injury lawyer), it may be time to wait. You may be too close to the case to notice actual progress, or a turning moment may be approaching.

Is your lawyer putting his 100%?

It is critical to do a comprehensive examination of all areas of a personal injury case. Among other things, a skilled personal injury lawyer will:

  • If at all feasible, go to the accident location and take photographs.
  • Obtain any accident-related documentation, including police reports.
  • All witnesses to your accident should be interviewed (or an investigator should be hired).
  • Obtain all of your accident-related medical records and medical expenses.
  • assemble all of your previous medical data that may be relevant to your present injury4
  • Maintain an excellent working relationship with the insurer adjuster and defense counsel.
  • immediately return your phone calls, emails, letters, and texts
  • to ensure that he or she is aware of the appropriate laws
  • keep you updated on the progress of the case at each stage.
  • look to have a well-organized file, and
  • If the case is being litigated, adhere to all court deadlines.

Does he walk the talk?

Does it appear that your attorney is well-versed in the facts of your case and the relevant laws? It’s a positive indicator if that’s the case. However, if your lawyer doesn’t seem to remember details about your case without consulting your file, avoids your calls, can’t seem to respond to your comment, or gives you doubletalk, that’s great evidence that your lawyer isn’t doing a good job on your case — or at least isn’t making it a priority — and that you should consider finding a new lawyer.

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