How to Find the Right Divorce Attorney?

A divorce is one of the most emotionally draining experiences in life. You will need a professional divorce lawyer to ensure that you receive the settlement you deserve and fight the custody battles for you.

Divorce cases tend to get ugly when brought to court because each party sometimes goes to the extent of maligning the other’s character to win the case. A divorce trial also brings chaos in an individual’s personal life to the public domain. And, this could have severe repercussions on the professional and social life of the individual.

Therefore, whenever a couple is considering a divorce, it is best to try an out-of-court settlement. Mediation is one option for the annulment of a marriage without a court trial. It works best for the less complicated divorce cases where there are not too many hassles, such as financial settlement or custody. Collaborative divorce is another option available to couples in which a co-parenting relationship is possible.

However, if both parties are not ready for a compromise, litigation is the only option. Both spouses will need to hire attorneys who can present the case in their favor in the court.

How to choose a divorce attorney?

  • The attorney should be local because then he will be aware of the laws for divorce in the jurisdiction.
  • He should be well-experienced in family law and should have a good understanding of the legal process.
  • The attorney should have great communication and negotiation skills.
  • Check the success rate of the attorney before you decide to hire him/her.
  • Choose an attorney who has connections with financial experts, parenting coordinators, coach facilitators, forensic appraisers, etc. These experts usually have a vital role to play in settling a divorce case. If your attorney already has access to them, the process becomes faster and less expensive.
  • A personal interview is a must before engaging a divorce attorney. When you interact with the lawyer, you can assess your comfort level with him, which is vital in such sensitive cases. Also, make sure that the attorney is trustworthy and maintains confidentiality. A lawyer who discusses details of his previous cases with you is surely not someone you can rely on.While interviewing the attorney, observe how attentive he is to you. If he is someone who gets distracted often by his mobile messages and emails, then he is not someone who will work with a focus on your case.
  • It is also relevant to ask the attorney for the contact details of his previous clients. If you can discuss their experience with the attorney, you can get a clear idea of his working style, and whether you are comfortable with it.

As said earlier, a divorce case is a personal and emotional one, and you need a lawyer who is sensitive, experienced, knowledgeable, and most importantly, someone you are comfortable with on all accounts.

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