Injured? Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer!

A personal injury lawsuit is a legal dispute that arises from harm being caused after an accident or intentional injury. These accidents are usually the responsibility of another individual or an entity as they can be caused under their supervision or due to their negligence. Since someone else is legally responsible for the harm caused to you, you now have a right to claim damages as compensation for the personal injury that you have suffered. It is usually the insurance company of the responsible party that pays the injured’s medical bills and livelihood costs. Payouts are also given for the pain and suffering the injured party has suffered. A personal injury attorney, in this case, will help you with negotiation with these insurance companies, hospital attorneys and in ensuring that you get fair compensation for the harm that you have suffered.

There are two ways to settle a legal dispute arising out of personal injury. The attorney can either represent you at the civil court or settle the matter informally outside of court. The route of approaching a civil court is to ascertain who was legally at fault and whether or not they owe a compensatory amount to the person suffering from the harm. The informal method of “settling “is usually a faster process in which attorneys from both sides negotiate a fair amount to be given as compensation, in exchange for the injured party’s decision to not pursue the dispute in Court.

A person or entity can become responsible for a personal injury if they were negligent, reckless, wanted to intentionally harm, or get covered under the umbrella of “strict liability”.

Personal Injury Disputes can Arise out of:

  • Slipping and falling on someone else’s property due to water or ice on the floor
  • Construction sites. Workers can get hurt if the managers of such sites do not implement safety measures on the worksite or are negligence towards Labor Laws
  • Medical malpractice: there is a certain standard of duty of care attributed to doctors and nurses within the healthcare industry. If such standard is not observed as protocol and someone else ends up getting hurt due to such malpractice, the injured party will be able to sue the professionals for their negligence in providing healthcare services.
  • Defamation: if someone injures or harms a person’s reputation injuring them mentally, physically, or financially, either by speaking or writing something untrue about them, the injured party will be able to claim compensation for the harm done, from the slandering party.

For anyone looking to pursue a personal injury case, it is important to note the statute of limitations on such cases. The period within which the injured party has a right to claim damages from the injuring party begins when a person is injured. The limitation on such a period varies from state and state. A suitable personal injury attorney should be contacted at the earliest to sue for any punitive damages for the suffering.

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