Preventing Winter Accidents – Personal Injury Law

While some people enjoy the cold weather, it is a huge inconvenience for the majority of people. We all need to go for a stroll now and again, and the presence of snow and ice can make something as simple as navigating parking lots and walkways a tremendous hardship. One of the top causes of avoidable injury in the United States is falling, with a high proportion of falls occurring during the winter months.

Slip and fall incidents can result in a variety of injuries, depending on several circumstances. For example, elderly victims and those with pre-existing medical issues such as back and neck pain are at a significantly higher risk of suffering catastrophic, life-altering injuries.  

Prevention of Winter Slip and Fall Injuries

The key to avoiding injury in a slip and fall disaster is prevention. Knowing the dangers and taking precautions to keep yourself and the people you care about safe is one of the most effective strategies to avoid a slip and fall accident in the winter.


  • Watch where you go: Unshoveled walkways and roadways can endanger workers and others who enter the business or facility. After a snowfall or ice storm, sidewalks and roadways should be treated to enhance walking traction and avoid falls. Examine your surroundings to ensure that any snow, ice, and debris is cleared from pathways and common spaces at your business or neighborhood.
  • Use the appropriate gadgets: Wearing sturdy boots or shoes with textured bottoms can provide you with additional grip on ice and slippery surfaces throughout the winter season. Another useful tip is to use supporting items, such as handrails if they are accessible. This may help you retain your balance, stay upright, and recover from a potential fall. You also may not be able to detect risks in your way if your eyesight is impaired. Wear proper eyewear, such as sunglasses, to protect your vision and allow you to identify potential risks.



  • Walk Smart and Take your Time: When walking outside during the winter, try to use less risky routes wherever feasible. Consider taking fewer steps, walking gently with a flat foot, and avoiding sprinting on slippery surfaces. Try not to rush if you are walking to your destination. Allow for extra driving time in case your route has slick weather. Stay cool and relaxed if you start to fall. If you fall forward, try to roll, and if you fall backward, try to get into a sitting position.


What to Do If You Have Been Faced with Slip and Fall Accident?

Property owners, homeowners, and company owners all have a legal duty to keep their premises in good condition so that visitors and guests are not put in danger. Removing prospective danger and removing recognized hazards are critical components of keeping people safe from harm. If you are hurt in a slip and fall accident, you may be able to claim against the property owner or another individual who is responsible for maintaining the area where you fell. Autrey Law firm’s slip and fall attorney would gladly sit down with you, analyze your accident, and advise you on your legal options.