Types of Workplace Injuries you Can be Compensated for!

Workplace accidents occur daily. Workers in all jobs and sectors face a wide range of injury hazards, ranging from shattered bones to back discomfort. Each year, these dangers render millions of people unable to do their jobs, either temporarily or permanently. According to the National Security Council data, nearly 540 workers are injured per hour in the US, making it nearly 7 million work injuries per year. Therefore, you must know about the different types of work injuries. 

Here are some Common Workplace Injuries:

1] Back and Hernia Injury

When lifting, pushing, or dragging too much weight, workers in any sector risk back and hernia injuries. These are injuries that can arise with only a brief exposure to a cause. Once damaged, these ailments frequently necessitate surgery, extended time off work, and, in some cases, transfer to a position that does not impose physical stress on the affected region.

2] Slip and Fall

Wet flooring or ice surfaces, strewn garbage and wires, uneven or unstable walking surfaces, and inadequate lighting are just a few of the elements that might cause a slip and fall in the workplace. Broken bones, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and soft tissue damage, such as a torn or strained ligament, can all result from a fall.

Many slips and falls may be avoided. Employers should teach and equip employees to clean up spills, trash, and tracked-in rain or slush as quickly as possible. Uneven decks, flooring, and other risks that can’t be fixed right away should be marked by facility management. Non-slip mats should also be placed indoors and in other locations where the surface may get slick.

3] Trauma Injury

Trauma injuries include being struck by an item or being struck by an object, as well as falls. Trauma injuries are common in the construction, mining, and manufacturing industries, and they typically need considerable medical treatment and time away from work.

4] Repetitive Motion Injury

Cumulative trauma is a sort of repetitive motion injury. Excessive repetition of small-range or micro activities, such as working on an assembly line, typing, or operating a computer mouse, causes them. Repetitive motion causes carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a type of nerve injury. To avoid these accidents, employees should be taught good ergonomic work techniques and equipped with the ergonomically right equipment, as well as break time.

5] Motor Accidents

People who drive for a living are exposed to careless drivers, harsh weather, and malfunctioning automobiles. Car and truck accidents can be caused by any of these variables. Workers who spend their days working near moving automobiles are at significant risk of being injured in an accident.

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Employees have the right to proper compensation in the event of a workplace accident. Book a consultation with us before accepting a company’s worker’s compensation offer.