Typical Causes of Personal Injury

The laws coined on personal injury allow a person to receive compensation if others harm them. Multiple situations might lead to individual injury cases. But every injury is not termed as a liability. Some common causes can be called personal injury.

Cases of car accidents

Car accidents mostly lead to personal injury cases in the United States of America. When an accident occurs, it is caused due to breaking the rules of the road or someone roughly driving the car. A driver who drives the vehicle carelessly can be charged under personal injury law and held financially. Although, there are quite some exceptions in the US where the drivers need to collect the insurance from their insurers except in fatal injury cases.

Fall and slip cases

Slip and fall is another typical personal injury case. The property owners should keep their property free from hazards to be safe for the people living inside it. All the injuries or fall cases that occur inside the property will be coined as personal injury cases. The exact cause of the issue and the landowner’s legal duty depends on the kind of situation. It also depends on the law designed for the particular place or state where the liability occurs.

Dog Bites

In maximum cases, the dog owners are financially responsible for any liabilities caused due to dog bites. However, the same law of the owners differs from state to state. But in some places, the dog owners are highly responsible for any dog bite even if the dog did not intend to bite in the past. Therefore, dog bites are a significant cause of personal injury problems.

Slander or Libel

Defamation in the form of slander or libel means disrespecting a person and injuring a person’s reputation due to untrue sentences. The exact cause of defamation is brought under the law depending on the person’s statements and where the announcement was made. An average person needs to prove that a vague negative comment was made and that the financial losses came from it. Celebrities, on the other hand, need to confirm that the untrue statement was spoken intentionally.

Battery, Assault and Other Intentional Tortures

Unlike the other different types of personal injury claims, intentional tortures do not depend on the carelessness or negligence of a person. It comes under personal injury law if the harm is caused by the person intentionally. It can also fall under the added feature of the criminal case of the perpetrator. Assault cases also fall under the clause of personal injury.

Personal injury cases generally tend to get delayed in settlement due to the following reasons:

  • Factual and legal issues are creeping into the cause.
  • The case involves a considerable sum of money.
  • In case you did not reach the medical requirements.

A personal injury case can be settled quickly, but it happens only when a minimal amount of money is involved. The primary consideration is how fast you accept the issue and give it up to the court.