What are the Different Types of Claims for Product Liability?

Every individual is surrounded by commercial products nowadays. Using these products in our day-to-day life is not a big deal anymore. But sometimes, these products can turn out to be faulty and lead to injuries. If you ever have been a victim of any default products, it is your right to claim the suffering and damages done to you.

A faulty product has severe consequences and can stay with you forever. So, it is crucial to consult a GF personal injury lawyer and sue the company for its faulty products. A product liability claim will help you to get compensation for your suffering and deter the company from making the same faults again in the future. If you are unaware of various product liability claims, do not worry; we have your back. 

Types of Liability Claims

Below are the types of claims that you can have against product liability.

  • Defect of design 

A defect in design is when a product is engineered correctly. But the design needs to function properly and meet the expectation of the customer. It happens because of the unsafe design of the product. If you feel your product was not designed safely and you had to suffer because of the defect, you should file a case against the company for its negligence.

  • Manufacturing defect

A manufacturing defect is just the opposite of a Design defect. The product is designed correctly with manufacturing defects, but there is a defect. Product defects happen inadvertently by the company and are more hazardous for use. For example, a wrong ingredient is included in a medicine which can change its purpose of consumption. Consult a GF personal injury lawyer in the first place, even if you are dubious about being a victim of the manufacturing effect.

  • Not warning before 

A manufacturing firm is responsible for informing the user about a product’s risk. Any product consumed orally by customers must warn them about any allergic ingredient in the food. If the company does not do so, it will have to face the aftermath of this fiasco. For example, if a user puts a bowl in the microwave, but it is not microwave safe, the company fails to warn the customer about it. The company will be held responsible for any adverse consequences of it.

The aftermath of defective products

The consequences of using defective products are severe and can be embedded in your memory forever. The damages are not contained to physical problems. One can be affected emotionally and mentally as well. Some expected consequences are:

  • Burning sensation
  • Choking
  • Fractured bones
  • Electrocution

Why hire an attorney?

An attorney has prowess in getting justice for their client. Hiring an experienced lawyer is crucial in product liability claims, as the defendant party (company) will have a lawyer with great finesse. Getting a judgment against the company is not a cakewalk and will require great skill. So, get an experienced attorney on board.

Final Verdict Being the victim of a product defect is never pleasant for a customer. Though the consequences of the defects are not severe, that should not deter you from consulting a GF personal injury lawyer and suing the company for the betterment of the future.