What Compensations can you Claim in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

In most personal injury cases, victims are unaware of the different types of damages they are eligible for. It has been observed that in most cases, the plaintiff in the case is only aware of claiming compensation for medical bills. But the fact is that several other damages can be claimed in such cases.

Compensatory damages and punitive damages are two primary forms of personal injury. In nearly all injury cases — including car accidents, medical malpractices, and slips and fall cases — compensatory damages attempt to repay the injured person for the harm that they incurred. Punitive damages, on the other hand, are given in just a few situations. Punishments have nothing to do with the kind of injury they sustain, but they are given the penalty for specific kinds of disgusting behavior.

Here are the different types of compensations given in Personal Injury Law:

  • Special Compensatory Damages:

    Special compensatory damages are also known asT”economic damages,” comprises measurable out-of-pocket expenditures. In other words, you get paid for the items that you had to pay for or lost due to your injury. They are unique to each person and vary considerably from party to party.

    There is no limit to the kinds of specific injury claims that could be claimed, or to the amounts that might be claimed by a person who is harmed. Some of the most frequent harmful kinds are:

    • Medical Expenses
    • Property Damage
    • Loss of earning
    • Loss of irreplaceable damage
    • Expenses related to trips
  • General Compensatory Damage:

    General compensatory damages might be hard to calculate, as they include damages related to pain, suffering, and loss of consortium. Pain and suffering damages generally involve reimbursement of genuine physical pain and mental anguish recompense. Further, many injuries can also lead a person to change their quality of life. This can also include not being able to enjoy activities that brought them joy in the past. In these cases, they can also argue loss of enjoyment of life.

  • Wrongful Death Damages:

    The meaning of wrongful death is, death caused by neglect or irresponsibility of the other party. These kinds of damages are a combination of special and general damages. The compensation is given to the family members of the deceased. Some of the compensations include:

    • Covering funeral costs
    • Cost of medical care before the death
    • Loss of companionship
    • Loss of bread-earner
    • Emotional distress caused to the family members
  • Punitive Damages:

    As stated before, you are not compensated for your loss by punitive damage. The party responsible for your bodily injury or the false death of a loved one is punished. If the Court thinks that they are not deterred sufficiently by the compensatory damages granted, the Court may award them punitive damage. If the person or institution acts with malice or gross carelessness, has carried out criminal conduct such as an act of fraud or violence, or has created major financial problems, chances will increase for court establishing reasons for damages.

A qualified lawyer with a broad background in personal injury helps the client to evaluate his damages. You can assess all kinds of damages to ensure that you reach a fair and full case value. Autrey Law Firm has the best and experienced team of lawyers in the Personal Injury Law field.