What types of Personal Injuries can be Compensated for?

No one likes being involved in a lawsuit, especially if it involves a court trial. However, many a time, we find ourselves facing circumstances where either we are being sued or we need to sue someone.

Personal Injury cases are typical examples where the individual who is injured needs protection of rights, and receive the compensation that he deserves.

Often the victims in a personal injury case are unaware of their rights and do not fight for them.

Here’s a look at the type of injuries that can be categorized as personal injuries for which the victim is eligible for compensation:

  1. Auto Accidents:

    If you are injured in a vehicle accident due to the fault of someone else, you have a right to claim monetary compensation. The accident may be caused due to the irresponsible behavior of another driver, a passenger, or even a pedestrian, etc. Whoever is responsible for causing the accident is liable to pay the injured individual.

  2. Wrongful Death:

    A death is identified as a “wrongful death” when it occurs due to the careless behavior of another person. Some examples are deaths due to car/truck crashes, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, and many more.

    In case of wrongful death, the party responsible for the death is liable to provide compensation to the family of the deceased.

  3. Slip and Fall Cases:

    An individual can file a personal injury case if he experiences an injury due to a fall on a property that is ill-maintained.

    A slip and fall victim can sue if he falls due to conditions like torn carpeting, flooring changes, low lighting, etc.

    One can also claim compensation if he suffers slip and fall accident if he trips on a broken sidewalk, or falls on a flight of stairs.

    You have a right to file for a personal injury case if you slip and fall because of rain, snow, ice, or hidden hazards such as potholes.

  4. Accidents at Workplace:

    Personal injury cases that occur at the workplace could be due to slip and fall, hazardous workplace conditions or accidents caused due to hazardous material being used, etc.

    The injured person can claim a worker’s compensation claim from the organization. The compensation can include expenses towards medical treatment, lost wages, or a lumpsum payment.

  5. Product Liability:

    If a product you purchased malfunctions and causes an injury to you, you can claim compensation from the manufacturer.

  6. Medical Malpractice:

    An injury caused due to negligence by a doctor is considered medical malpractice. The patient has the legal right to claim compensation from the doctor.

  7. Defamation:

    An individual can file a defamation case against someone who tarnishes his/her reputation. A defamation lawsuit qualifies as a personal injury case because it causes personal harm to the individual.

In addition to these, there are several other instances of personal injury where the injured person can file a personal injury lawsuit and claim compensation. Only a personal injury lawyer can guide and represent you in matters of personal injury.

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