Why you Need an Elderly Neglect Lawyers!

When you engage the services of nursing homes to cater to elderly persons, it’s is their duty to ensure that the individual is well taken care of and all his or her needs are met.

However, some nursing homes fail to perform their duties, and in some cases, they don’t perform to the legally required standard. It’s also common for some nursing homes to mistreat their patients and abuse the elderly.

When such sad events come to light, you can sue the management for abuse and neglect of the elderly. The case of abuse in this instance can take many forms, and the most common examples are emotional abuse, financial abuse, and physical abuse.

We are a responsive and highly adept team in North Dakota elder neglect lawyer, and our services have been applauded countless times for getting justice for our clients.

Older people in assisted living facilities depend solely on the services of the nursing homes. When their needs are not met, they become vulnerable to accidents and other hazards.

Cases of physical abuse can be filed when the nursing home uses force and inflict bodily injury, harm, and pain. We have handled worse situations where the victim of such violation by nursing homes get impaired.

In some cases, it can be translated to assault and battery, and we will ensure that the case is presented in court, and you get due compensation for damages caused.

How do you spot signs of physical abuse? Well, over the years, we have identified some common signs that could mean abuse. Watch out for unexplained wounds, bruises, discoloration on any parts of the body, bite marks and, in some cases, loss of weight and change in behavior.

Humiliating, intimidating, and even ridiculing the patients make up emotional abuse in nursing homes. Sometimes the nurses or caregivers go as far as isolating the patient and excluding them from social activities. These are all bad for the elderly, and such actions must be dealt with and addressed immediately.

Our North Dakota injury lawyers will go all the way to get you speedy justice and compensation for neglect and abuse of the elderly and injury. Call us today, and let’s defend your interest in court.

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